Discover yourself as an artist. Whether you are a parent, a student or a visionary wanting to learn self expression, I am here to help you learn to make room for self improvement and open yourself up to photography.

It took me a long time to open up and actually listen to myself as an artist. It took me a while to refine and hone my skills as a photographer and a business owner. I am forever evolving, growing and challenging myself and pursuing my passion.

I believe in energy and creating positive energy that radiates through you into your surroundings. I believe in rooting yourself and creating a strong establishment for what I truly believe in. I believe in life and documenting these precious memories.

Self discovery is what makes my heart sing and senses tingle. Send me an email if you are interested in my mentoring programs

One hour Skype meeting | $150
We will chat about anything you wish, business, seo, creating a work/life balance, ideas for your next session or follow up to our previous mentoring session, this is about you and whatever your heart desires.

Two hour online portfolio review | $250
We will go over a selection of your images in print or digital, your website and/or portfolio site and look at ideas for strengthening your work and creating a unified style
We will also review a complete session and take an in depth look into your artistic voice and opportunities for improvement
(Takes place online, please inquire for in person)

Parents Intro to Photography | $350+
This three hour in person session is just for parents and children who want to learn more about their camera (film or dslr) as well as techniques for shooting well composed and exposed photographs of their family throughout the year. This helps get you out of auto and into manual so that you can get the results you want. The session takes place in the comfort of your home since that’s where you will spend the most time documenting your family. Please have your camera manual handy!

One Month Mentoring | $650
This is a personalized curriculum that takes place over a month. Our first online meeting consists of a two hour meeting so that we can go over your strengths, challenges and weaknesses and what you want to overcome in your journey. Each week we will check back in for an hour and go over your assignments and go over ideas for self improvement.
We will discuss lighting, posing, editing, as well as your session or wedding workflow. This will help you discover your artistic voice and what your personal style is.

Custom 3 Month, 6 Month and 1 Year Mentoring Plans Available!